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(Awareness | Capacity Building | Financing Support | Market Linkage)


The SMART WOMEN is a collaborative initiative of IAMKHADI & ARYA BHARAT (NGO) and the project envisages supports existing Women-Owned Micro Enterprises along with follower women entrepreneurs (women doing home business, dealers/distributors/sellers, part-time workers). The project foresees empowering women to be economically independent. We accomplish this by helping them to adopt technology, innovation and strategic vision. We also support them to access finance, skill up-gradation and marketing support in such a way to develop their micro-enterprise more effectively and reach out to markets away from their local geographies. The project will be executed in a hybrid mode through Entrepreneurship Boot Camp and handholding over one month after selecting a batch of 30 Women. The project also foresees women to take up additional online programs to upgrade and up-skill themselves in the areas of their current concern. The handholding will be in the form of online mentoring sessions. The women will be trained to develop their new business plans, identify suitable marketing tools and reach target customers through experiential learning with the help of experienced mentors and facilitators. The prominence will be great on Social Selling and creating brands. Gender Equality (SDG 5) and Financial Empowerment (SDG 8) are contributed by the project. The project drives to develop the skills of women comprising of marginalized women to make them more employable & self-sufficient so that they evolve capable of earning a decent livelihood.


Women Entrepreneurs are important for the Indian economy to grow as they allow budding entrepreneurs to float their business ideas and contribute to the GDP. Women Entrepreneurs mostly operate as micro enterprises, with very tiny setups and under financed operations. In North India women entrepreneurs are very less as compared to other regions of India. Thus, to help Women Entrepreneurs establish themselves without any financial hurdles, a reliable source of funding is required along with appropriate training on the business aspects which are key growth elements.

Therefore, project SMART WOMEN will be carried out in 2 phases to eventually make the MSEs self-sufficient and ‘Future-ready’ to compete on the Global platform, by increasing their productivity and contribute better towards increasing the GDP of the country.

Phase 1 – One Day Entrepreneurship Boot Camp on Access to Credit, Access to Markets & New Design Interventions, based on the current market scenario.

Phase 2 – Handholding for 1 month for providing readiness to access to finance and for market access. It also provides access to learning resources and mentors in online mode. The key deliverable is to provide linkages to women entrepreneurs for Banks/ MFIs for Mudra/ PMEGP/ SMILE Loans and other stakeholders in the supply chain & value chain.


  • Mobilizing the Women Entrepreneurs.
  • Organizing infrastructure, training set up, content, resources etc.
  • Handholding for Project Financing from Banks/ MFIs/ NBFCs.
  • Promotion & Branding in domestic & export markets digitally..


  • Job Creation
  • Gender Equality
  • Sustainable Livelihood
  • Financial Empowerment

Broadly, covered under SDG 5, SDG 8 and SDG 12


The project SMART WOMEN will develop a platform for micro entrepreneurs including MSME i.e.

  • To create a digital platform for P2P learning amongst women, i.e., Mobile App + Web App
  • To facilitate the learning of entrepreneurial skills, digital commerce (digital marketing and social commerce) and financial literacy
  • For growth stage women entrepreneurs: Learning of IT and Export Readiness, Innovation & Sustainability
  • To organize regular business update newsletters
  • A platform to connect with buyers, seek credit and account keeping

For more information, please visit – http://smartedge.work/
Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/company/smartedge-work
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/SmartEdgeInnovation