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About Us

Simplicity, patience, fellow feeling... freedom spirit! The earthy fabric from the Indian soil!

IAMKHAADII FOUNDATION (CIN: U85100DL2018NPL342413), hereinafter referred to as IAMKHADI, is a trusted Non-for-profit social enterprise and export start-up. IAMKHADI incubated at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, and is working towards marketing and promotion of “hand woven-hand spun fabric” & Handlooms (disorganized sector) & Village Industry products in global markets for uplifting the living standards of the rural artisans and Women SHGs/ Co-operatives/ Start-ups/ NGOs/ Village Industry entrepreneurs by helping to provide direct global market access to them spread across the country.

In addition to it, brought all the stakeholders from Farm to Foreign (5 F Formula of Hon’ble Prime Minister) on one platform towards achieving the objective of taking Handloom, Khadi & Village Industry products from Local to Global.

The definite need of the hour to leverage this emerging opportunity is to ensure scalability, quality, standardization, new design intervention, products, and innovation in Handloom, Khadi & Village Industry products on one side and relevant market linkages both within national boundaries as well at global platforms.

IAMKHADI understands and appreciates this huge global opportunity and aims to expand its scope to the fullest. Towards the pursuit of widening the reach of Indian Handloom, Khadi & Village Industry products retailing & exports to foreign countries, the start-up has been working dedicatedly to bring in standardization, scalability, and harmonization in Handloom & Khadi Institutes and thus helping the entire value chain to be dynamic and responsive towards changing fast global customers demands.

The start-up has taken the initiative to connect artisans at the grass-root level to retailers at the national as well as international level by way of digitization and thus commits itself towards up-scaling the businesses of existing Handloom & Khadi Institutes (KI) and revamping the dead or defunct KIs via enhanced marketing opportunities & CSR funds.


Social Initiative

1. Under “Digital MSME” social initiative

  1. Digitization of MSMEs like providing below Digital Services.
  2. Digital Training through Mobile App, Webinars & other Social Media platforms.
  3. Digital Training on Digital Export Readiness.
  4. Digital Buyers – Real-time experience through Virtual Trade Fairs and Trade Missions.
  5. Other Digital Services like Trade Documentation, Product Innovation & Development, Market Access & Analysis, Handholding Support & Assistance, etc…

2. Under “SmartEdge” social initiative

Advocacy for Fashion Industry to Adopt.

  1. Sustainable Technologies.
  2. Digital Technologies

3. Under “IAMKHADI” social initiative

  1. To establish a unique international identity for Handloom, Khadi & Village Industry products.
  2. To build buyers database and improve awareness on Handloom, Khadi & Village Industry products.
  3. To increase popularity of Handloom, Khadi & Village Industry products amongst Millennial and Generation Z

4. Under “UDAAN” social initiative

  1. To focus on the social and economic well-being of MSMEs through the ‘Digital Talk’ series.
  2. To digitally promote MSMEs through these talks and connect them with buyers.
  3. Learn, Earn and Freedom is a core objective for making India a self-reliant nation.

We are working towards

Finding different ways to revive closed and defunct Khadi Institutions through CSR invention.

Partner in creating the sustainable livelihood for KHADI weavers/spinners and lend a hand to build New India.

Digitization of weavers/artisans and enabling them to connect directly with foreign buyers