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GlobalSpin Trade Conclave 2022 - New Delhi.

Globalspin Trade Conclave on Eco-handlooms, Eco-textiles and Apparels (https://globalspin.net/) held from March 29-30, 2022 in New Delhi and was jointly organized by National Institute For Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (NI-MSME), Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India and IAMKHAADII FOUNDATION (IAMKHADI) in which Ethiopia partnered along with other African countries with the focus of bringing technology and textiles fashion together in a single platform. The local support was given by NFDI, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India.

The event was inaugurated by Chief Guest Shri. Rajesh Agarwal, Secretary, Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India who spoke about the importance of Skills Development & Entrepreneurship towards job creation and entrepreneurs by creating first time exporters and startups in textile sector for enhancing exports. Dr Prateek Kanakia, Founder TheGreenBillions talked about creating 10 Million micro entrepreneurs in next 5 years and will create a pool of investors for micro lending.

The startups participated includes ARRAS; Ms. Raheli Sarkar, True Tomorrow (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.; M/s Hemp Affair Pvt. Ltd.; M/s ART India Pvt. Ltd.; M/s Fliqus Support System LLP.

Country Ethiopia participated in the GlobalSpin Trade Conclave and Ethiopian delegation comprising of Director General and Deputy Director General of the Manufacturing Industry Development Institute of Ethiopia took part in the two days expert sessions and panels discussing on Ethiopia’s experience on technology intervention in textile, eco-textile manufacturing, export and trade competitiveness & marketing, the role of funding agencies and national and international market linkages and logistics.

First Secretary for Economic Diplomacy of the Embassy made an extensive presentation on Ethiopian investment and trade opportunities, special focus on textile, garment and apparel manufacturing.

Founder and Creative Director of MISS.T.CAL Apparel Design, one of the youngest and newly emerging fashion designers from Ethiopia, participated in a panel discussion focusing on customer-oriented designs and products development and delivered a workshop on digital marketing for fashion products.

Additional Chief Secretary, Govt. of Nagaland and Chief Resident Commissioner, Nagaland House along with Ambassadors and Diplomats from Egypt, Zimbabwe, Mauritius and Ethiopia graced the valedictory session. Ambassador Tizita Mulugeta of Ethiopia, spoke about the strong ties Ethiopia and India have enjoyed for millennia which has begun from trading silk, spices, gold and ivory through the port of Adulis in the 6th Century AD to the diplomatic relations established in 1948 and deeper flourishing to people-to-people ties for education, trade and investment.

She further spoke about Ethiopia’s textile and apparel industry experiencing major developments over recent years mainly driven by the government’s special focus to the sector, wide availability of raw materials, skilled and semi-skilled labour as well as low energy cost.

The series of events concluded with a panel discussion on Towards Role of Funding Agencies towards Export Marketing. The session was moderated by Former Secretary (Special Assignment) to Ministry of External Affairs (Govt. of India) and Former Director General (ICCR) and Advisor, IAMKHADI (https://iamkhadi.org/). The panellists majorly deliberated on the idea of getting MSMEs prepared for Global Trade and Exports.

Through this GlobalSpin Trade Conclave, the Organizers and Co-Organizers wanted to start an engagement with all the stakeholders of Textile Value Chain to initiate a unique project UDAAN, which is towards creating millions of micro entrepreneur in the India i.e., it will create jobs and generate more foreign exchange for India thus enhancing exports. It aims to create an enabling environment for enhancing skill development and entrepreneurship for the flow of trade, commerce, and technology and engage, enable and empower micro-entrepreneurs and start-ups to gain a better understanding of the challenges to global trade and export competitiveness. It focuses to towards ODOP and Aspirational Districts creating millions of micro entrepreneurs. GlobalSpin is an initiative of IAMKHADI (www.iamkhadi.com)

GlobalSpin Startup Awards nomination has been open and the award ceremony is planned to hold during August-September 2022. The Textile industry prides itself on providing one of the three basic needs to mankind. But our world of textiles and fashion can sometimes feel petty de-humanizing. It’s easy to forget that every garment or fabrics we wear and use are the result of hard work and struggle by real people. That’s why we put together awards to offer a window into the lives and work of those real people. It will be followed by Globalspin Startup Fashion Show and Exhibition.

GlobalSpin Startup Fashion Show has been planned with Ethiopia, Egypt, Mauritius and South Africa between July to April 2023 at the embassies in New Delhi.

SMARTEDGE was E-Publishing Partner, RAJ Foundation was NGO Partner, UDAAN was Project Partner, Silk Mark Organization of India, WTC Bengaluru and WTC Visakhapatnam was Supporting Partner, All India Association of Industries (AIAI) and WASME was SME Partner.

Country Partners for the Global Spin Conclave are ETHIOPIA, ZIMBABWE, EGYPT, MAURITIUS and SOUTH AFRICA.