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Craft Revival Program Bijnor

IAMKHADI’s intervention at the cluster level at Amroha/ Naogaon in Bijnor District(UP) is to reignite the lost handcraft of handloom sari weaving and hand spinning to support the development of khadi fabrics in this region. This is with the intention of fulfilling our main objective to start generating self-employment programs to empower women and marginalized spinners.

The project targets towards:

  • Reviving spinning by hand. This skill has fallen into non-use due to the advent of power spinning and availability of ready-made yarns, The decline of Khasi fabric production has suffered due to the decline of hand spinning.
  • Reviving the weaving of handloom saris, dupattas & stoles by providing inputs and procurement avenues for these products to be manufactured from this region. The concept is to both review this craft and to create additional employment for weavers following the decline in garment fabric orders.
  • Women Empowerment: To support skill development among women to develop any skill which they can use to enhance their individual & family incomes after completing their household chores. This is keeping in mind that they are busy all day and only get free time in the evening once the husbands return from farming/work and children from school. The target of the project is to facilitate employment during these dusk/ dark hours.
  • Solar Lighting: With most of the huts in rural Uttar Pradesh with no electricity connections and many times with no electricity throughout the day, it becomes imperative for each household to at least have a light which makes it critical for any skill/income development activity to function.