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Weaving Cluster Revival

SATAT SOUK is an online platform to make sustainable products discoverable online and easily available to order by our smart customers.

We aim to provide dignified livelihood to our weavers and artisans, a supporting hand towards women empowerment and sustainable eco-friendly fabrics to our valuable potential customers.

Eco Friendly Fabrics

  • We offer fabrics that are hand spun and hand woven which provide livelihood to rural weavers and artisans.
  • The raw materials used are from natural sources, hence at the end of its lifecycle they are biodegradable, as opposed to synthetic fabrics which sit in landfills for decades.
  • Fabrics are woven with beautiful designs and patterns to add a very high value to create stunning self-patterned fabrics.
  • We use Natural dying processes and organic ingredients to incorporate therapeutic properties make our fabrics skin friendly and provide our customers a healthy experience and

We have in-house designers who can design on demand as per specific requirements to create your custom catalogue as a valued added service.

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