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Rural Developement and Women Empowerment

The vision of taking up this project was revive the weaving and embroidery cluster towards providing a sustainable livelihood and safeguarding the cultural hertage of our country. ' IAMKHADI' intervention for the embrodery and weaving craft revival, which has almost stopped with most weavers and embroideres turning to fabric and soft home products has made a marked difference in safe guarding the cultural heritaeg and also providing a sustainable livelihoos mechanism for the women embroiderers.The decline in the oders of this hand oven, hand skill craft has caused huge losses to weavers and embroiders respectively and we hope to strat generatingfresh bussiness with revival of the sari weaving and its embellishment.

The project targets towards:

  • Desing inputs/ training complaint to the approved training modules relevant to weavers and embroiderers.
  • Helping the local ladies at th cluster to learn and enhance the Embroidery which will sefeguard the dying art with no design support for many years.
  • Post embellishment and the finishing work, hand holiding the output to be registered and solf via echibitions and online portals.