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Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) are important for the Indian economy to grow as they allow budding entrepreneurs to float their business ideas and contribute to the GDP. Micro Entrepreneurs or Start-ups mostly operate as micro enterprises, with very tiny setups and under financed operations. In North India entrepreneurs are very less as compared to other regions of India. Thus, to help Entrepreneurs establish themselves without any financial hurdles, a reliable source of funding is required along with appropriate capacity building training on the business aspects which are key growth elements.

Therefore, project HASTAKAR be carried out in 3 phases to eventually make the MSEs self-sufficient and ‘Future-ready’ to compete on the Global platform, by increasing their productivity and contribute better towards increasing the GDP of the country.

PHASE 1 – In-depth research towards developing Export Strategy for Geographical Indication (GI) Products in new emerging Global Markets

  • Identification of new Handicraft Product including Toys as per global demand.
  • Identification of unexplored markets
  • Preparation of an International Market Entry Strategy for Handicraft (Toys) Products
  • Identifying Policy Interventions towards export promotion
  • Identifying the Stakeholders (artisans, buying agents, toys manufacturers, Amazon, etc..) which can contribute to export development.

PHASE 2 – Entrepreneurship Development Program that includes Access to Credit, Access to Markets & Deign Interventions, based on the inputs of research work.

  • Residential (Physical) Capability & Capacity Building Training for 10 Days
    I. Entrepreneurship Development
    II. Electronic & Social Commerce
    III. Export Skills
  • Three Months Pre-Incubation Process to selected 100 beneficiaries
  • Handholding for One Month
  • Scholarship Support to each beneficiary
  • Facilitation to Credit (Mobilization of MFIs, NBFCs, Banks by ICC)
  • Facilitation to Online Yellow Pages Directory (Digital MSME)
  • Facilitation for e-Commerce Portals (Amazon, Flipkart, e-Bay etc.)
  • Facilitation for various Social Media Portals
  • Facilitation to Free Online Learning Management Portal for six month

PHASE 3 – 3D Virtual Exhibition for Strengthening Networking & Global Market Linkages based on the output of the research

  • Research Study Launch by Hon’ble Chief Minister & Hon’ble Minister of the Departments
  • Identification of Trade Ministers of Foreign Markets (Potential Export Markets as identified by the Research Study)
  • Signing of MOU between Government of India & Trade Ministers towards supporting Global Marketing Linkages.
  • Buyers Mobilization & Social Media Promotions

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